In number 2 of April 2021 of the Marine Aviation and Transport Insurance Review, our Francesco Siccardi explores the multiple and diverse legal implications of the accident that kept the world in suspense for days: from the cause of the grounding to the salvage, from the general average to the other possible claims, from the shiowner's liability for negligence to some thoughts on the different possible liability regimes (liability for business risk?) up to the insurance coverages concerned.



IGC Code - Assagenti Newsletter

On April Assagenti Newsletter our Riccardo Delucchi analyses the Resolution MSC.370(93) and the amendments to the “The International Code of the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk” (IGC Code) in view of the deadline of July 1st 2021 for the vessels to comply with the requirements of paragraph 2.2.6 of the IGC Code (“Freeboard and stability”) https://bit.ly/3xJOL3W


Ship Collision

Here is a brief overview of the international conventions currently governing ship collision and some thoughts on their possible developments.



Ship arrest in Italy

For a brief overview of Italian law and Courts practice on the arrest of ships please read here.



Assagenti Newsletter

On March Assagenti Newsletter our Francesca Barisione comments on the purpose and the application of the new BIMCO “Just in time arrival clause”, for use in voyage charter-parties, based on which charterers are allowed to ask owners to reduce the speed of the ship to arrive at a destination at an agreed time ➡ https://bit.ly/3ctE9O2


Ever Given

The analysis of Francesco Siccardi on Port News → https://bit.ly/3rqaXM2


Updates on anti-piracy measures

On February Assagenti Newsletter our Enrico Ottonello comments IMO Circular Letter no. 4382 addressed to all IMO Member States on the actions to be taken to face the increase of the piracy cases in the Gulf of Guinea to guarantee the safety and security of crews and vessels.
In 2020 a significant raise in the number and severity of kidnappings has been observed in the area. The IMO Letter highlights the need for the stakeholders to enhance the coordination of initiatives and for the vessels to adopt the “Best management practices” approved by IMO for West Africa (BPM-WA) ➡ https://bit.ly/3e3ic9C


Assagenti Newsletter

On January Assagenti Newsletter our Riccardo Delucchi comments on the last developments related to MARPOL Annex II and IBC Code. By two MEPC Resolutions new products have been added to the list of "persistent floater(s)", tank prewash requirements have been introduced and new procedures have been imposed, which could possibly require new equipment onboard vessels carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk https://bit.ly/2MupJD5


Assagenti Newsletter

On December Assagenti Newsletter our Ilaria Reina tells us about the EU Operational Guidelines for safe, secure and sustainable trials of autonomous surface ships (MASS). The Guidelines, approved on the occasion of the 2nd International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit held on November 30th, provide for an harmonized European standard, to be adopted by the Member States, that clarifies the roles of authorities and applicants involved and provides guidance on risk assessments when facing MASS trials to promote their safety and sustainability https://bit.ly/2WSm7wi


Assagenti Newsletter

Shipping is going green! On November Assagenti Newsletter our Alberto Bregante comments on the future amendments to the Marpol Convention as part of the IMO Greenhouse Gases Strategy, introducing important developments on the energy efficiency of newbuildings and existing ships https://bit.ly/2Jl3gXE.


Assagenti Newsletter

As of 31.12.2020 under EU Regulation no. 1257/2013 on ship recycling the vessels flying the flag of an EU Member State or calling an EU port will have to have onboard an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM). On Assagenti October Newsletter our Enrico Ottonello comments on the Communication of the European Commission of 20.10.2020 concerning the application of the Regulation provisions with regard to the IHM https://bit.ly/3kNPNEi


Happy Birthday Francesco!

Respecting all necessary measures … and with a cake designed to pay tribute to his impeccable golfing style, we have celebrated our very own Francesco Siccardi for a round birthday.


Assagenti Newsletter

On Assagenti September Newsletter our Riccardo Delucchi comments on the status of the development of the Extraordinary Investment Programme for the Port of Genoa dealing with infrastructures, intermodal connections and city-port integration https://bit.ly/3jiLelq


Assagenti Newsletter

On Assagenti July Newsletter our very own Alberto Bregante comments the approval of the Mobility package on the  truck drivers reform, consisting of two Regulations and one Directive, by the European Parliament. The reform is aimed at preventing distortions in the access to the haulage market and at improving the drivers’ working conditions https://bit.ly/31bPGKZ


Assagenti Newsletter

On Assagenti June Newsletter our very own Ilaria Reina comments on the “Council Conclusions on EU Waterborne Transport Sector – Future outlook: Towards a carbon-neutral, zero accident, automated and competitive EU Waterborne Transport Sector” https://bit.ly/3iR7N0S


2020 Shipping Golf Tournament Cancelation

Dear all,
this will come as no surprise, but please take notice of cancellation of this year’s 2020 25th event, but with very early notice that it will take place in 2021 on Thursday 9th September.
Please put this date in your diaries and we hope that this unique event will continue to have your support.
Stay safe and best regards from the organisers.  



Assagenti Newsletter

On Assagenti May Newsletter our very own Enrico Ottonello explains the EU Guidelines on protection of health, repatriation and travel arrangements for seafarers, passengers and other persons on board ships https://bit.ly/2Mosy55


Coronavirus impact on shipping contracts

Our Francesco Siccardi analyses the impact of Coronavirus pandemic, and of the measures adopted by national Authorities to contrast it, on shipping contracts. An abstract of this contribution has been published by Assagenti’s in their April Newsletter; this full version contains references to Italian and English law as well as to the relevant international Conventions and EU legislation and covers the main shipping contracts: carriage of passengers (focusing on the cruise sector) and goods by sea as well as shipbuilding contracts, time charters, voyage charters, contracts of affreightment and international sale contracts.



Covid-19: implications for carriage by sea

Ship2Shore has recently published an analysis of possible impacts of Covid-19 emergency on carriage of passengers and goods by sea curated by our Francesco Siccardi https://bit.ly/3bQYoSB



Newsletter Assagenti

Check Assagenti Newsletter out with the article of our Riccardo Delucchi https://bit.ly/2T1UIFP.


Check Assagenti Newsletter out with the article of our Francesca Barisione www.assagenti.it/it/news/14362.



The Shipping Golf Tournament 2019

This is a long-standing golf event dedicated to the Italian and International Shipping community.
14 Italian and foreign sponsors supported the event which took place at the Villa Carolina Golf Club in Capriata d'Orba (in the province of Alessandria), where the atmosphere and the hospitality are always fantastic.
A day dedicated to sport with Stableford scoring and the beginning Shotgun at 11; however it was also great fun for those attempting golf for the first time under the guide of the masters of the hosting Golf Club.
This year the tournament was played along the truly panoramic and evocative Percorso Paradiso.
To complete the picture local products from Genoa (such as plain focaccia and focaccia with onions) and from Piemonte, in particular mushrooms and delicious white and red wines.
An afternoon of relation with drinks and live music by Mia & Friends.
Again a success to be improved upon in 2020 as the event will celebrate 25 years which is quite something.


Genoa Shipping Run

During Genoa Shipping Week 2019, the lawyers of the Firm promoted, together with International Shipping Runners, the traditional Genoa Port Run, a 7 km training "at a slow pace" in the historic heart of the City and in the Port of Genoa. Guest star the champion Valeria Straneo (silver medal in marathon at the 2013 world championship in athletics). On the occasion fund were raised in support of the Hematology Unit of the Pediatric Hospital Gaslini based in Genoa.


Ship Recycling Conference

The Firm, in cooperation with TTM, hosted, during Genoa Shipping Week 2019, the conference "Ship recycling: legal, contractual and practical aspects" onboard the Italian Navy Fregata Carlo Bergamini.


Genoa Shipping Ride

The Firm, in cooperation with International Shipping Runners and with several sponsors, organised the annual Genoa Shipping Ride. As usual the funds collected go to the Emathology Unit of the Hospital Giannina Gaslini.


New Book by Francesco Siccardi

Avv. Francesco Siccardi published the book “Avaria comune e le Regole di York e Anversa” ("General Average and the York-Antwerp Rules) (Giappichelli Editore).